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Diamond Fitness is focused on providing a healthy and informed approach to your fitness and well-being.  Do you want to feel better, move better and perform better in life, work and play?  You can!  Don't wait to make it happen.
I am Alice Diamond, a certified Gyrotonic® instructor, Pilates instructor and Thai-yoga body worker with nearly 20 years of teaching experience.  My approach is multi-faceted, taking into account not only the body but also the person I am working with. 

A strong, integrated core is vital to one's health, fitness, and performance.  But understanding what structures and systems make up the core and how to strengthen it optimally is key to making effective changes.  Diamond Fitness will provide you with the exercise regime to become truly strong, supple, and balanced from the inside out.

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The Body Connection, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Studio
Welcome to The Body Connection, Boulder's premiere studio for Gyrotonic exercise, Gyrokinesis classes and more. In this video, Alice instructs long time clients Amy Alpers, Co-Owner of The Pilates Ce...

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