I have been through a ton of PT and rehab and Alice tops them all! 
-Jamie Bellanca, consultant

Alice is a remarkable instructor - the best I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of how the body moves and functions seems endless. Alice has transformed how I view core strength and how I exercise overall. I have worked with Alice for the past 18 months, and my running times and my riding performance have significantly improved, not to mention I have better alignment and posture, and increased core strength. 

Plus she is a delightful person so each session is very enjoyable.
- Kim Rogers

The FIT FEET workshop did so much for me that I went on my first real hike in 3 years - no kidding! I felt so good I just kept walking and walking, even walking right past my car at the trailhead, forgetting where I had parked! Before the workshop just walking around Wonderland Lake was challenging.
-Bonnie Schwahn

I have been working with Alice for over a year now. Her combination of skills and deep knowledge of the body have been instrumental in helping me get back in shape so that I am mostly pain free and getting back into the things I love. The Thai-yoga body work has been a great alternative to traditional sports massage and I find it much more effective. I have changed the way I walk, sit, and do anything active. I have worked with a lot of body workers in Boulder, and Alice's unique skill set and many years of experience put her at the top!
- Jonathan Vaught, Research Scientist

Pilates in Niwot, CO - close to Boulder, Longmont, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Lafayette and Erie ColoradoAlice is an amazing instructor. She has been my Pilates instructor for several months now and I feel my core and pelvic floor are really getting stronger (not to mention many other muscles that I haven't used much). I also took her Foot Workshop a few weeks ago and I cannot recommend it enough. I took the pinky ball with me to Disney World and did the exercises she taught us in class. For the first time ever (and we go to Disney World yearly) I did not have foot pain. I did several of the exercises every night and my feet were ready again for another long day of walking in the park. I previously thought foot pain after walking a lot was just something to be expected and tolerated… with her exercises, I’m also feeling much more mobility and flexibility, as well as little to no foot pain.  
- Margaret Buttery, Teacher

Working with Alice has been a great experience. Alice has laser sharp focus and an ability to identify movement inefficiencies and suggest new patterns of movement for better alignment. Working with Alice has given me new methods to trigger the right muscles so I'm not overcompensating.  Alice is also fun to work with and she brings her all to every session!
- Julie Bellanca

After more than 20 years of directing The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program I can say unequivocally that there is no substitute for natural teaching gifts and experience, and Alice Diamond has both in spades! I feel so lucky to have found her and will continue to study with her for as long as she keeps teaching here, which I hope will be a LONG time.
- Amy Taylor Alpers
Co-Founder, The Pilates Center
Director of The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program

Alice Diamond is aptly named... as she is a true gem in the world of health and wellness. She profoundly understands the body, and takes great pleasure in guiding her clients towards a greater sense of self awareness, strength and flexibility. I have been to countless classes of every imaginable type... Alice puts it all together in a unique and elegant way.
- Nancy Thompson, entrepreneur

Thanks for the fantastic instruction in your beautiful and peaceful studio. Your mastery of cueing for the correct flowing movements of this method helped me attain a feeling of flexibility and openness partnered with power and strength. Your expertise allows this to be a safe, challenging, and fun exercise method for anyone and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to work with you. 
- Michelle Harris, P.T., M.T.C., C.P.I. 
I feel good from doing this work.  Within 3 months I feel stronger through my core and more flexible in my limbs – something I never felt before from exercising.  My posture is better, I can do things around the house more easily, and even wrestle with my teen-age sons!
Tom Nyiri , business entrepreneur
I feel that this work improves your posture from the inside out.  There is an internal energy that flowers through your body informing muscles and bones of their natural and efficient placement and function.
Leslie Bruder, founder of The Institute for Phenomenal Touch
Alice is patient, inventive and supportive.
- Mimi Shannon, writer

Working with Alice, I feel so much better so much more of the time!
- Katy Wegner, programmer

I never felt better in my body than I did after my 2nd session with Alice.
Allie Geer, yoga instructor