Thai Bodywork

Thai bodywork involves rhythmic pressure along energy or 'sen' lines as well as deeply relaxing stretches  that bring you to a place of harmony and balance in your body and mind. 

Thai Bodywork is informed by yoga and Ayurveda from India and by Chinese medicine and acupuncture meridians. Thai bodywork is an integral part of the Thai medical system and has been for thousands of years. 

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes: long sleeved shirt and long pants.

"I've had many Thai sessions over the years, most of them during a visit to Thailand. My session with Alice is the only one that comes close to what I experienced in Thailand. She's fantastic and I highly recommend her if you like strong, confident bodywork sessions. She's also an amazing Gyrotonic instructor. Thanks so much from one bodyworker to another!"
-Shauna Mahony Pick  LMT, BCTMB, MAT, NKT Level I, Pre- & Perinatal Certified

90-min Bodywork Session  $100

2-hour Bodywork Session  $135

6 90-min Thai Bodywork Sessions $540 (good for one year)

Please note: payment with a credit card will incur an additional 3% charge. Please pay with cash or check if you would like to avoid this extra fee. Thank you.