Foot exercises in Niwot, CO - close to Boulder, Longmont, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Lafayette and Erie Colorado
Fitness for your Feet!

Wednesday, October 4
6:30-8:30 / $50 
includes a pinky ball (value $6)

More info about FIT FEET below

First Time

Half off for repeats attenders!

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Foam Roller exercises in Niwot, CO - close to Boulder, Longmont, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Lafayette and Erie ColoradoRoll Your Way to Fitness!
A full-body workout and 
a full-body massage!

Wed, November 1
6-8:45 PM / $60
Foam Rollers are available at the studio for $30

First Time

Half off for repeat attenders!

More about ROLL FIT:

The Foam Roller is an excellent tool and can provide an entire workout and a full body massage! Unfortunately, many of them languish in the closet collecting dust. Break out your roller and bring your body back to life!

  • Learn a fun full-body core-focused workout
  • Release fascia and muscle tension from head-to-toe
  • Work out 'kinks' before they become injuries

GREAT class. I had no idea you could get to so many muscles with a foam roller! 
- Bonnie Schwahn

Loved the class! My legs felt the best they have in months. 
-Michelle Oschmann

I thought I knew my way around a foam roller, but Alice's class opened up a whole new world of exercise. I left armed with enough knowledge to build a total body stretching AND strengthening workout! I'm about to kiss my IT Band troubles goodbye!
-Chris Dinneen

More about FIT FEET:

Did you know that when your feet are tight and weak they affect your entire body negatively? Likewise, when they are strong and supple they effect your entire body positively!

Your feet are your foundation and your connection to the ground. Much of your body alignment and movement mechanics take their cue from your feet. Those cues should be healthy and aligned not stiff and dysfunctional. Although the feet are woefully overlooked by most exercise regimes and sports activities, they should not be!

The Diamond Fitness Foot Workshop will teach you tried and true exercises to keep your feet strong, supple and nimble so you can thoroughly enjoy and excel at the sports and activities you love from hiking, running and snowshoeing, to skiing, tennis and golf. 

You will learn:
  • Proper mechanics of gait
  • How to use the pinky ball to relieve tension and promote healthy movement
  • Exercises to strengthen your arches
  • Exercises to correct imbalances that can lead to sprained ankles
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen the lower leg
  • Movements to relieve compression in the knee joints

Thank you SO MUCH for the workshop. This was one of the most beneficial workshops I have been to in a long time!!! I used the information you provided, primarily on gait, on a 7 mile training run after the class. I took a minute off my first mile and about 30 to 45 sec/mile off my entire run – just by using my feet correctly. I will definitely keep up with the exercises and stretching, as I feel they will be greatly beneficial over time!!!  I also recommended the workshop on Facebook.
-Lanyette Dykman

Thanks to your workshop, I am hiking again! I had not been able to hike for 3 years, until your class.
-Bonnie Schwahn

Terry and I both truly loved and appreciate the workshop and all your knowledge and care. My feet and lower legs felt so alive and energized when I left, as if I had the gift of brand new feet! And today when I went for a walk, I noticed that my gait was naturally more as it's supposed to be.
-Carolyn Jennings, Writer

Alice is an amazing instructor. She has been my Pilates instructor for several months now and I feel my core and pelvic floor are really getting stronger (not to mention many other muscles that I haven't used much). I also took her Foot Workshop a few weeks ago and I cannot recommend it enough. I took the pinky ball with me to Disney World and did the exercises she taught us in class. For the first time ever (and we go to Disney World yearly) I did not have foot pain. I did several of the exercises every night and my feet were ready again for another long day of walking in the park. I previously thought foot pain after walking a lot was just something to be expected and tolerated… with her exercises, I’m also feeling much more mobility and flexibility, as well as little to no foot pain.  
- Margaret Buttery, Teacher

Alice's Foot Workshop is a MUST for anyone with a foot!...or two! She's a fabulous teacher and has a wealth of knowledge. As a lifelong dancer, my feet thank you! She gave us simple stretches & strengthening exercises that I can integrate into my day and other exercise regime. Worth its' weight in gold!
 - Cathy Gauch, Aircat Aerial Arts director, Boulder, CO

I slept like a baby last night!  I haven't been able to say that for months! I believe it was the foot work, so extra thanks.
-Sandy Ebling, L.Ac.

Free Your Shoulders from Tension-
for Good!
I am consistently surprised at how few people understand how their shoulders work and yet how many people complain of chronic neck and shoulder tension. I decided to create this workshop to bridge that gap and in so doing, hopefully eradicate the tension for good!

Wednesday, October 18
6:30-8:30 PM

In this workshop you will learn:

  • the what, where, and how’s of the shoulder rotator cuff muscles
  • the optimal alignment between your head and your shoulders
  • how that relates to your spine and core
  • how to trouble shoot the usual suspects (pec major and minor, triceps, upper and lower traps and serratus anterior)

This will be an experiential as well as an intellectual workshop.
So come prepared to learn and do!